Helping Hands & Moving Labor Services, LLC – Moving Services Norwich, CT



Our crew members must be professional but not strict, precise and pleasant (we expect them to create a happy atmosphere while working), and be involved with our clients. Our customers are always smiling and feeling relaxed at the end of their move. We treat our crew members in the same manner as our clients — they are just as important to the success of our company!

Who are they? They are local men, women & young adults, some of whom have shared at some point and time similar experiences to those of our customers going through a difficult time (loss of home, evictions, etc) and based on those personal trials we find they are able to bring compassion and understanding to the table.

Our crew members have a willingness to work, work hard and don’t quit until the job is done! They are there rain or shine wearing smiles, lightening our customers worries proven by the smiles at the end of the day!